Cubicle Buying Guide

A resource you can use to navigate the buying process.

Buying GUideBuying cubicles can be easy if you understand all the elements.

Here you will find a cubicle buying guide that outlines the information you will need to ensure your project is completed quickly and efficiently.

We also invite you to utilize our interactive cubicle designer. The tool allows you to browse our most popular color options and configurations and get a better feel for how your new cubes could look.


Space Planning

Office Layout


How much space do you have?
Take measurements of your floor plan and determine how many cubicles you will need.

What do you envision your
floor plan to look like?

There are various ways you can set up your cubicles, such as in-line, back-to-back, or stand alone. Visit our cubicle terminology page to learn more about these types of configurations, or contact our experts with any questions.

How much privacy
do your employees need?

Answering this question will help you determine the right heights for your cubes. Depending on the type of business, some organizations prefer taller cubicles while others select shorter ones to promote more collaboration.


Cubicle Type & Configuration


What types of cubicles do you need?
There are various types and configurations of cubicles. View our cubicles to see the differences between Call Center, Reception Desk, Workstation, and Managerial cubes so you can determine which would fit best for your work environment.

What is your color scheme?
You can choose from an array of color options for cubicles and their internal work surfaces. We can work with you to determine what style fits your organization.

Do you need storage, lighting,
or anything else?
Decide if your employees need features like storage, shelving, lighting, and electricity. There are various options you can choose from to meet their needs.


Shipping & Installation


Do you have a deadline?
As with everything else in work, there is probably a deadline you need to meet. Just tell us what it is, and we will make sure you hit your timing goals.

Do you already have a way to install your cubes?
If you do not have an internal facilities management team, you can utilize our factory-trained installers. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about this service.